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Harness The Regenerative Potential
Of Your Own Pluripotent Stem Cells

induced pluripotent stem cell

Induced pluripotent stem cell. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) 

Collect, Process & Store Pluripotent Stem Cells That Can Potentially Produce Any Cell Or Tissue The Body Needs To Repair Itself


Personalized cell based therapies Healing potential

Induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) Cells can differentiate into 200 cell types, making iPS cells useful in restoring your own tissue & organ functions lost to cell depletion,  tissue damage or defects

Patient derived iPS cells are 

Human Leukocyte Antigen compatible

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RNA REPRogramming Technology

RNA reprogramming is optimal method for iPS cells establishment.  Footprint-free, integration-free, efficient & rapid



1 Minute
Non-Evasive Collection

Mass cultivation of iPS cells derived from

1 time urine collection

Urine collected at your hotel in Tokyo

iPS Cell Banking Brought To You By


Japan's Leading Stem Cell Research Company

REPROCELL provides the tools and services that enable and accelerate breakthrough research technologies for stem cell and drug discoveries

20 Year History / 100+ Scientists / Reprocell Inc / Growth Market / Chemicals / 4978 (JP3974770004)

REPROCELL's products were used by Nobel Prize Winner Dr Shinya Yamanaka during his pioneering research on 
iPS cells - One of the greatest scientific discoveries in the field of regenerative medicine to date

Launched world's first iPS cell product - iPS derived cardiomyocytes (cells responsible for heart contraction)

Launched world's first iPS cell derived neurons (dopaminergic neurons, motor neurons and cerebral nerves) & 
hepatocytes (basic structure of liver) 


Pre-clinical study (Q-Thera Inc research collaboration) - Amyotrophic Axon Sclerosis ALS & Transverse Myelitis using iPS neuroglial cells

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iPS Derived Cardiomyocytes Cells
(Heart Muscles)

World's First Human iPS Cell Product Launched By REPROCELL In 2009

Differentiation From iPS Cells To Various Cells

REPROCELL products have been cited in 6,000 papers globally to date 

Personal iPS Cell Banking : Potential To Increase Longevity & Quality Of Life From Injuries, 
Age-Related Chronic & Degenerative Diseases


The field of regenerative medicine utilising iPS cell technologies is rapidly advancing, and the global development pipeline is maturing. Generate your own iPS cells and store them for potential future use in restoring organ or tissue function loss from depletion, defects, diseases or injuries.

Personal iPS cell banking service available only in Japan

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